Welcome to Hummingbird Madness.
What started as a science project for my son several years ago eventually turned into a full blown obsession. From five feeders to at present thirty one......friends and loved ones declare me insane...but alas...the madness continues!

It was 2004, and we had just bought our house a year earlier. My husband was doing all the remodeling and updating himself, so needless to say things were a bit crazy. Though I had always intended to get hummingbird feeders, with all the chaos of knocking down walls and putting in flooring, it was way down on my "to do" list.

My son was in the 7th grade at the time and needed a topic for his science project. To my delight he chose hummingbirds having always shared my love and fascination with the little creatures. At his request I ran out and purchased five feeders, completely unaware that this would be the catalyst to a life altering commitment.

The science project came and went and of course the responsibility of the feeders fell to me. One particular evening as I was preparing the feeders for the next day, the doorbell rang. Some friends of ours stopped by to see the progress on the house. Naturally I got side tracked and by the time they left it was late and I was tired. Telling myself that I would get to the feeders first thing in the morning, I went to bed.

When I got up the next morning I immediately noticed the racket coming from outside. Upon stepping out onto the back patio, I was stunned by the barrage of loud and clearly angry vocalizations coming from what seemed like every direction. Short shrieking trills and chirps, twittery sharp chits accompanied by the buzzing and whirring of wings. I was overwhelmed by one "close encounter" after the next as they proceeded to dive and dart all around me. A few very brave (or just very upset) birds had the gall to get right up in my face demanding to know where the hell their feeders had gone.

Clearly, I had made a terrible mistake and the little boogers were not going to stand for it. Not wishing to mince words, I simply shouted "ok, ok, I'll get it!" Hurrying back into the house I started making a batch of sugar water secretly tickled at the whole situation.

Walking back out with a full feeder in each hand, the instant I stepped out onto the patio I was immediately ambushed. The little feathered assailants came at me from every direction. I instantly froze, not knowing what else to do. The loud chattering was purposeful and full of agitated tone, obviously a continuation of my scolding for being so very thoughtless regarding their welfare.

There were hummingbirds everywhere....I felt like I was in the iconic Hitchcock flick, only in miniature and without the terror aspect. I was so engrossed watching them zig and zag through the air, that it took me a few seconds to notice. The feeders, still in my hands were literally covered in hummingbirds. There must have been eight to ten birds on each one, not to mention the ones hovering and zipping around mere inches from me. I was absolutely flabbergasted to be this close to so many of these beautiful birds.

I wanted to yell for my husband, who was somewhere in the house, hoping that he could somehow sneak out with the camera and capture this unbelievable moment. Certain that my calling out would abruptly end my encounter, I remained quiet. Standing as still as possible, I watched in wonder as they continued to feed, completely undaunted by my presence. When my arms and legs grew weary from holding still, I slowly made my way toward the hooks and carefully hung the two feeders. Unbelievably, a few stubborn birds made the entire transition with me, refusing to leave the feeders.

As I slowly turned to head into the house to grab the rest of the feeders, my husband popped out. "Oh my God, where did they all come from?" he asked grinning. Shaking my head as I turned around to look back at them, I answered him with the only explanation that I could offer...."they were pissed that I took down their feeders and assembled here in mass to protest!” As my husband rushed back into the house to grab his coffee, he hollered back at me.... "You do realize that you're stuck with them now, right?" As I stood there, watching them, considering his words, I started laughing. After all I had just been reprimanded by a bunch of birds! Not just matter of factly either, bit with condemnation and fervor. Never in my life had I experienced anything like it….and it was in that moment that I knew I was hooked!

It was the beginning of a strange, very one-sided relationship. From the instant it began, we understood each other perfectly…..they demanded and I was to provide. And so, eyes wide open…...I jumped down the rabbit hole thus commencing my life of indentured servitude. I was and still am thrilled to do their bidding and in return the aggressive, demanding, impatient, self-serving little brats have given me years of entertainment, fascination, beauty and awe.

So...... Welcome to Hummingbird Madness!
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